In this section we will describe antennas that are made for receiving TV signal, for FM broadcast, for FM receiving or for AM receiving. AM broadcast or TV broadcast antennas are not described for the obvious reasons.

FM band lies between 88MHz and 108MHz. Most often used antennas in this band are dipole or some variant of it, and higher gain is achieved by vertical stacking. Polarization used is vertical or circular.

Polarization used in TV broadcasting is mostly horizontal. The standard antennas that are being used for receiving TV signal are Log and Yagi. They have been improved to their maximum and are manufactured in great numbers and cheaply, thus they are not covered in this book. Only two TV antennas are covered: Fractal and Gray-Hoverman antenna. They have several advantages, one of which is that they are great for receiving DTV. We have tested Gray-Hoverman antenna versus the Log, Panel antenna with amplifier, and Yagi for receiving the DTV signal, without optical sight from the transmitter, for DVB-T2 standard. Home-made Gray-Hoverman antenna outperformed them all in the given circumstances.


Small Loop AM Antenna FM Dipole Antenna FM Ground Plane Antenna
Fractal TV Antenna Koch Curve Gray Hoverman TV Antenna

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