Very good antenna for both analogue TV and DTV, especially DTV as it outperforms cheap Yagi’s, Log, panel and other commercial antennas. It is designed for the UHF region, but above channel 54, the gain drops significantly. The antenna has 14dBi at its resonant frequency, and does not drop under 7dBi, with an average of 12dBi taken over all the channels.


07 gray hoverman gain

Gain vs frequency

08 radiation pattern

Radiation pattern in Horizontal plane

Reflector can be made from net wire or with rods with similar performance. It is simpler to make it with rods. All rods can be made from any diameter and any metal, although the best results are achieved with higher diameter and more expensive materials, like brass. Copper is not recommended because it is very soft, and it would get bent by wind quite easily.


gray hoverman

10 gray hoverman

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