Transmitting folded dipole antenna

The construction is evident from the image. It is important that folded dipole is isolated from the metal boom. PVC boom can be used as well or the plastic or silicone standoffs on metal boom.

The thicker the pipe (the larger cross-section area), the more power it can handle. The diameter of the pipe is proportional to the bandwidth.

05 commercial dipole

Commercially made Folded dipole antenna

07 folded dipole

Photo of a folded dipole antenna with 1:4 BalUn and SO-239 connector inside the PVC box

High-Power transmission

Special care should be taken so that the connectors, cable and BalUn can handle the power. RG-58 is often not suitable for higher power signals. PL and SO239 are good choice of connectors for this application. If BalUn is made from a coaxial cable, not transformer, it should be made with at least RG-213 cable.

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