Dipole from aluminum pipes

This is the best choice for outdoor dipole if the FM receiver has impedance 75Ω.


  1. Two aluminum pipes with diameter 6mm,
  2. PVC pipe with 22mm diameter,
  3. Square metal piece,
  4. Two U shape screws,
  5. PVC pipe holders,
  6. T-shape PVC pipe connector,
  7. Two 5mm screws and small metal strips,
  8. RG-6 coaxial cable.
  1. Do steps 1-3 from the previous antenna,
  2. Make holders for pipes from screws 5mm (lower-right photo),
  3. Put RG-6 cable through the plastic pipe and connect hot-lead and ground to each screw,
  4. Isolate them with hot-glue,
  5. Cut the 6mm aluminum pipes to the measure,
  6. Cut the 8mm aluminum pipe to the length of a few centimeters (we need two of them),
  7. Put the 8mm pipe pieces over the ends of the 6mm pipes (lower-right photo),
  8. Drill through the axes inside 6 pipes with 4, we want it a bit wider),
  9. Make 5mm threads inside each pipe,
  10. Close the other ends of the pipe with hot-glue,
  11. Assemble – screw pipes onto the holder.

04 pipe dipole

Photos of finished FM dipole with aluminum pipes and holder

Note: This antenna has been tested to withstand strong winds for years, but it is not guarantee how strong storms can it withstand. Folded dipole is much stronger.

Folded dipole from aluminum pipes

This antenna is recommended when FM receiver has 300Ω impedance. It is the best receiving dipole, because it has the greatest bandwidth.

The instructions for this antenna are the same as for the next antenna, but we can use thinner pipes.

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